Chain Link Variations

Chain Link is another Fun&Done! quilt-as-you-go pattern that was released last spring.  This is the finished quilt:

Chain Link

Chain Link

I wanted to play with some color variations to find some other interesting fabric choices for this design.  This is how my design looked in EQ7 when I first started:

Chain Link 5

The first change I made was to take out the dark contrast and make all of the contrasts light:

Chain Link 4

Or, I could do the opposite, and make all of the contrast pieces dark:

Chain Link 3Changing all of the contrasts to dark would look better if my assorted colors were lighter, so I made a version with that change too:

Chain Link 6

My sample was made from batiks that looked mostly solid.  What if I used prints instead?  I was afraid that it might get too busy so I limited it to one color, and used only lights for the contrast.  This image is so small, the prints don’t show up much, but you get the idea:

Chain Link 2

But that didn’t seem too bad, so I added the dark contrast back in to see how that looked:

Chain Link 1

That looks good too!  For one last variation, I really changed things up and did a 2-color in a horizontal block layout.  If I made this one, I might leave off the 7th column, and make it 6 columns wide:

Chain Link 7

I think those are a few more options that might work well for this pattern.  Does that spark any ideas for you?


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