Petal Power Fun

I’ve been playing around with some color options on the Petal Power pattern.  This is a Fun&Done! quilt-as-you-go pattern, one of the new ones introduced last month:

Petal Power

Petal Power

I designed this pattern in Electric Quilt, and recently went back to that file to play with the colors and see what other interesting options I could find.  I stayed with the concept of bold prints on the petals and changed up the other components.  The lighter coloring of this picture makes it much brighter and more colorful.  In this version, it varies from the original by changing the corners to print fabrics, rather than something similar to the sashing:

Petal Power 1

What if I changed the sashing to cream?  It seems to make the cream advance and the prints recede.

Petal Power 9And changed those corners back to solid?

Petal Power 8

What if I did a black background instead of cream?

Petal Power 5And made the corners prints instead of solid?

Petal Power 2

Changed the sashing to black?

Petal Power 6And changed the corners back to solid green?

Petal Power 7I like the black versions more than I expected.  Lots of interesting options!! What is your favorite?


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