Apple Core Update

I’ve been working on my hand piecing project, and got to the point that I had 5 sections done, consisting of 36 pieces each.

5As I worked on the next section, I decided it was time to start planning the finished size.  My sections so far have been 6×6, and I determined that I needed to add sections of 4×6 to the sides to make the desired size for the finished quilt.  Here are the 6×6 and 4×6 sections that I finished next:

7If you look at the above photo, can you spot my problem?  The sections are NOT going together nicely anymore!  Without planning or even realizing what I had done, the first 5 sections were all the same “shape”, meaning that the upper left corner of the section had a “horizontal” placement for that piece.  The last 6×6 section that I made, shown above, has a vertical placement in the upper left corner.  The 4×6 section shown next to it was done correctly.  When these two sections go together, they do not make even rows:


So here is what the sections look like, leaving a gap where I need to fill in with more pieces:9

I can fix this without ripping out any seams; I just need to plan ahead and fill in pieces as needed.  I thought that a One-Patch quilt didn’t require any planning – I was wrong on that!

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  1. Teri Walker says:

    susan I am in desperate need of 12 folded corner clipper rulers pleae. Teri Country Living Quilts 936-396-2889

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