MatchMaker Challenge

In August of last year, I spoke at the Deep Valley Quilters Guild in Mankato, MN.  What a great group of talented quilters!  Rather than offer a gift as a door prize for one lucky quilter, I decided to give each member a MatchMaker Book.

MatchMaker covertemp.inddThe group made this gift into a Guild Challenge, and one year later, invited me back to see their show & tell.  What a turnout –  they had 28 quilts!  It’s so fun to see all the different fabric combinations.  I got pictures of all of them, but there’s so many, I’ll have to show some next week.

This book is a collection of 4 quilt designs, each offered in 5 sizes.  The quilts are great scrap-busters, since you don’t need much of any single fabric.  Use 2 fabrics to make a pair of blocks, but they’re not identical blocks.  The fabrics are place in positive/negative positions in the blocks, and the game is to find the matched pairs of blocks.  Pick fabrics for fun kids’ colors or prints, or make it in something to match your bedroom decor.  When the kids visit, you have a fun game that requires no mess and no clean-up, and it’s guaranteed to keep the kids busy!

So let’s get started with the show & tell!  I don’t know most of the quilters’ names, but I do know that these are Julie and Donna, and they modified the design to sew the blocks together using the Fun&Done! technique.  Very smart!

18This prolific quilter made 3 quilts!


43These fun prints are perfect for a kid’s quilt:

5This one has a nice pieced border, and she put the “Lonely Only” block on the back.  (There is one block left over who doesn’t have a mate):


6aSome used black and whites collected on a recent shop hop:

710Some modified the pattern for a smaller quiilt:

9Here’s another design from the book in elegant browns and greens:

11This talented quilter added applique to the border.  Beautiful!

1213This block is the most challenging, but still easy to achieve:

14I love the fun, bright colors!

15Next week I’ll share the rest of the show & tell.  Please join me!





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2 Responses to MatchMaker Challenge

  1. Teri Walker says:

    susan, What a great idea. I will have to try and find the book. Tthanks for sharing By the way, I was so excited to go to another quilt shop here and Texas and see your folded corner clipper ruller. Word is getting out there….. 🙂 Teri

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