Mitered Corner Tutorial

Another use for the Folded Corner Clipper would be to make a mitered corner, for example, in a border.  Begin by placing your strips right sides together:

miter 1aThe corners will be cut off with the Folded Corner Clipper:

miter 2If you need to determine the length of these pieces, pay attention to 2 measurements.  First, the top arrow on the outer edge will be the outer dimension plus the 1/4″ seam allowance (the unfinished length of the border).  The lower arrow points to the finished length of the inside of the border.  This might be an inner border size, or for a single border, the quilt top size.

miter 2aCut off the corners:

miter 3Before stitching the seamline, be aware that it will need to stop at the finished corner.  You can confirm that spot with the ruler, as marked here with a pin:

miter 4aStitch the seamline, backstitching in the lower corner.  A shorter stitch length is recommended for seams that will be pressed open:

miter 5Press seam open:

miter 6There’s one more tool for your bag of tricks!

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One Response to Mitered Corner Tutorial

  1. mvleps says:

    Why couldn’t I use this tool to miter the corners to table napkins and table runners?

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