Folded Corner Clipper Idea

I had another inquiry from a friend regarding a use for the Folded Corner Clipper.  She wondered if she could make a Snowball Block, and on the corners, use triangles instead of squares.  I thought that was an interesting question, and looked into it.

My first thought was would there be an advantage to doing it this way?  Perhaps one could save fabric by having less to trim away.  Or, if they already know that they have limited fabric for a project, this would be one way to minimize waste.

The first step would be to cut the triangles to be used in place of small squares on the corners.  Of course, the Folded Corner Clipper makes this easy, and uses less fabric than other methods.  For 2″ corners, cut 2.5″ strips and begin cutting the triangles:

tri 2Continue cutting by rotating the Folded Corner Clipper:

tri 3Notice that the first triangle has both points trimmed, and the remaining triangles have one untrimmed point:

tri 4This example has a 6.5″ square cut to make a 6″ finished snowball, and shows how the pieces will be placed on 2 corners.  Note that  the untrimmed triangle might make placement more challenging:

tri 6.5Flip those triangles wrong side up and use the Folded Corner Clipper to trim the other point:

tri 5 I found that placing the corners by visually lining it up wasn’t accurate enough for me.  I used the Folded Corner Clipper to confirm that the seamline would be centered on the corner of the large square:

tri 7Here’s a closeup to show how the edges and lines on the template line up with the raw edges of both pieces:

tri 8Sew the seams 1/4″ from the edge of the corner piece.  (I should have chosen a darker thread here!)

tri 9  Trim off the corners of the large square and press open.  Repeat for other corners.

tri 10Now you have your snowball block finished!

tri 11 This would be an option that would help you when you’re running low on fabric.

Do you have any questions on using the Folded Corner Clipper?  If so, please let me know!

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2 Responses to Folded Corner Clipper Idea

  1. Edna Lindeman says:

    Could you use the ruler to cut the corner off of the larger square first? Then placement would be a snap.

    • Susan Nelson says:

      That’s an interesting question! If I’m picturing this correctly, it would be the same principle as the FCC, except the template would be placed on the outside corner instead of the inside square. Unfortunately, the measurements on the FCC wouldn’t be correct for that method. Thanks for asking!

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