Seamed Borders Tutorial

A quilter who loves the Folded Corner Clipper has inquired about using it to put a 45 degree angle seam in a wide border.  Sometimes when cutting borders, there isn’t enough fabric to cut the border in one piece, and we need to join multiple pieces with a seam.

This is a great use for the Folded Corner Clipper!  But if your border piece is wider than 5 inches, you need to make a few adjustments.  Basically, this begins with the same method used for making a binding.  Place two strips right sides up:

border 1a

Place the Folded Corner Clipper in the lower right corner, matching the right edges of the fabric with the right edge of the template:

border 2Begin to cut off the corner triangle, stopping before the end of the FCC:

border 3Now, to finish cutting off the corner, there are two options.  First, place a ruler along the bottom edge of the strip, and move the FCC up to the full width of the strip.  In this example, the strip is 6.5″, so the ruler is placed at the 1.5″ line:

border 4An alternative would be to align a regular ruler with the partially cut edge, and continue cutting to the upper edge.  The 45 degree line on the ruler could be aligned with the top or bottom edges of the strip (not pictured in this photo):

border 5Complete the cut and it will look like this:

border 6Since you have cut off the dog ears from the ends, it’s much easier to place the pieces so the raw edges will be aligned when finished.  Place your pieces right sides together and stitch the 1/4″ seamline:

border 7Press open.  A smaller stitch length may be preferred for seams that are pressed open.

border 8And now you have seamed a border strip that is wider than 5″.  There’s another tool for your bag of tricks!

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