Diamond-in-a-Square Tutorial

My friend Donna inquired about using the Folded Corner Clipper to make a Diamond-in-a-Square (or Square-in-a-Square) block.  So Donna, this tutorial is for you!


One of the advantages to using the Folded Corner Clipper for many blocks is that the math is much easier.  I’ll have more on that at the end of this post.  For this example, I’m making a 4″ finished block, 4 1/2″ unfinished.  These are the pieces that I will need:


Since my unfinished block is 4 1/2″, the large square is cut to that size.  The finished corners will be half the length of each side, or 2″.  Add seam allowances to the finished size, and they will be cut 2 1/2″.

Next, start doing the folded corners (as seen before in the Snowball Block tutorial ). Trim the first corner and stitch:

SIAS 2SIAS 3Press that corner open and repeat for the opposite corner:

SIAS 4Continue to make a folded corner in the remaining two corners:

SIAS 5SIAS 6And here is the finished block:

SIAS 8Now, back to my statement above about easier math.  If, instead of folded corners, I chose to make this 4″ finished block with triangles, I would need these pieces:


As you can see, it would take some calculations to get to these numbers, and they don’t fall into our traditional 1/8″ proportions.  I could try to explain those calculations, but I’d rather not!  We would just round up or down to the nearest 1/8″, and then wonder why the blocks don’t come out just right.  But when doing folded corners, the only math is:

finished size + 1/2″ = cut size

As you can see, the Folded Corner Clipper is much easier for calculating sizes!


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2 Responses to Diamond-in-a-Square Tutorial

  1. Donna Stapleton says:

    Thank you Susan!

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