Border Print Stars #2

On my Border Print Stars project, I mentioned that I ran into some problems.  Here is an EQ image of the quilt:

quiltI constructed the first block, and had problems with the triangles fitting into the star points.  The arrow below shows where I had to ease in fullness on the triangle piece.

block diagramBut after I steamed the block, it seemed to be OK, and I worked to improve my methods on future blocks.  Sometimes, my block could be steamed into place, but other times, it looked like this side view, very wavy:

bad blockNot good!  I kept checking my measurements, and confirmed that the triangle was 4″ on each of the short sides, so I had cut a 4″ square in half:

HSTNow I’ve made 6 blocks, and my accuracy has not improved.  I looked at the templates, as printed from EQ, for the umpteenth time, and finally found my mistake.  I presumed that the triangle was a 90 degree angle, allowing it to be cut from a square.  However, the template showed that the angle was actually less than 90.  Here is a picture of the wrong triangle in black, compared to the correct one in tan:

corrected triangleIt never occurred to me that this was not a 90 degree corner.  Now what?!  Do I hope that the distorted blocks will be tamed into submission during quilting?  Do I salvage the pieces in the 6 completed blocks by ripping out the stars to re-use, risking distorting the bias edges?  Or do I fussy-cut new stars, a very time consuming process?

One consideration has become apparent as I prepared this post.  The secondary stars that are formed in the corners do not have much contrast with the medium fabric:

blocksSo if I do salvage some pieces, it would be a good time to find a new light fabric for the corners.  I always photograph test blocks when preparing quilts for pattern covers – I often find that things don’t contrast as much as I want them to.  Now I see that I should be using “camera auditions” on all of my quilts.  Another lesson learned the hard way!

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2 Responses to Border Print Stars #2

  1. Barbara F. says:

    Glad you found your error and ended your frustration! If you have plenty of fabric, you could use the blocks as a table runner, or pillow topper (instead of shams) and see if the wavy problem will quilt out. Just a thought . . .

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