Border Print Stars

We all have fabric that we bought years ago, never used, and still love.  For me, that fabric is this border print:

fabricThe selvage says that this was made in 2006!  I had collected several more fabrics to go with it, unsure of what the final project would be.  I imagined that it would make a good quilt for my son, but he was never enthusiastic about it, so I never got around to it.

I picked up this project recently, and chose a block that would show off the “fussy-cutting” of the border print, but in a classic block and setting.  I can’t devote enough time to make it a show quilt.  I chose this block from Electric Quilt, and even found digital fabric images that resembled my fabric.  For some reason, I can “fussy-cut” the image in EQ but it doesn’t translate into this jpeg:

blockWhen I put these blocks into a quilt, I liked the secondary pattern made from the corners, with interesting shapes where the blocks are joined:

quiltLooks great so far!  I started fussy-cutting my star pieces, and it leaves my fabric very funny looking:

Trimmed fabricI’ve run into a few obstacles, and I’ll share those with you next time.  This project will take a while!

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