Hand Piecing Project

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you might remember that I did a hand piecing project last year.  I never thought this would be an appealing method for me, but it has it’s advantages.

  1. Highly portable – keeps me sewing outside of the sewing room
  2. Needs very few tools
  3. Doesn’t require excellent lighting (the way applique does for me)
  4. Easy sewing, easy shapes, not much concentration required
  5. Works well for short and/or curved seams
  6. Excellent for Y-seam piecing
  7. Easy to start & stop sewing sessions

I wanted a new project, so I went back to my one-patch book and selected an Apple Core block:

bookI’m using up batik scraps, another great perk of this project!  So I traced this template, and cut out enough pieces for a throw-sized quilt.

When I went to start sewing, the pieces didn’t fit!  This template was drawn so the cut edges match, but not the sewn edges.  As a pattern designer, I sympathize with how easy it is to have mistakes show up in the final pattern.  As a quilter, I didn’t appreciate wasting all that time and fabric!

Swirl 1I contacted the publisher, who was willing to work with me to help recover a small part of my losses.  It turns out that this book had a few errors, and is now out of print.  They have corrected the errors, and it is now available in a corrected downloadable version.  So if you have this book from years ago, check your templates before cutting fabric!

I re-drew the template myself (it helps to know your way around some graphics software), cut out lots of pieces, and started sewing this quilt in sections.

sectionI have four sections done:

4 sectionsI’m planning a large throw size, so I will probably need 12 sections.  It looks overwhelming, but I’m really surprised at how fast it goes, just sitting around watching movies with the family.  BTW, I’ve hardly made a dent in my stash of batik scraps!

Does anyone else want to join me on a hand piecing project?

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5 Responses to Hand Piecing Project

  1. Donna says:

    can you tell us where to go to get this download. Thanks

    • Susan Nelson says:

      I’m having trouble putting a link in this reply, but the book is “One Patch Scrap Quilts” by Pat Yamin. It’s available on the American Quilters Society website.

  2. danielastout says:

    It’s so inspiring, Susan. My handwork of choice is usually embroidery, but this is tempting….

  3. Joan Powell says:

    I have started hand-piecing a Patchwork of the Crosses quilt. Also have a Texas Star in progress. See this as relaxing take along work. Want to do an apple core someday as well–nice to see your in progress work and ideas. Enjoying looking at your blog!

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