Finally, the last of the new patterns for Spring/Summer!  This pattern features a focal print in the border, and notice the secondary pinwheels that are formed with the corners of the blocks.  Introducing Whirlwind:

WhirlwindI originally designed this for a new fabric line, but the fabric wasn’t available when I needed to make the sample.  That sample would have had a very different fabric selection, using white for the sashing, and assorted tone-on-tones for the backgrounds:

Whirlwind Folk SongThis fabric is Folk Song by Timeless Treasures.

Finally, I have some machine quilting to show you that is not a pantograph!  I did a freehand swirl, feather, and echo motif:

Whirlwind 1I love the texture that it adds to the finished quilt:

Whirlwind 3Do you have any great prints that would work well for this design?  See more info on this pattern on the website here.


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2 Responses to Whirlwind

  1. Betty Sazama says:

    Beautiful, Susan! I love the free hand quilting you did! Was that done on your long arm?

    • Susan Nelson says:

      Thanks, Betty! Yes, I did that on my longarm. I practiced that motif a lot until it was comfortable, then started on the quilt. I’m working on making my circles round, and my echo spacing consistent. It’s a challenge to keep the size of the motif consistent from start to finish, especially on the longarm where the finished sections aren’t easily visible to compare. I have lots to learn, but it’s fun!

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