Here is more info on the latest quilt pattern designs.  Travertine is another design that uses only 3 fabrics, making shopping easy:

TravertineThe simple graphic nature of this quilt makes it good for those who don’t like busy designs, including the men in our lives.  It would look good with assorted fabrics too:

Travertine multiMy pattern tester Julie switched the light/medium/dark value placement to get a very different look.  Her sample isn’t available for photography right now, but I think it looked like this:

Travertine JulieThis design also uses the Folded Corner Clipper, and the leftover corners are used to make the Half-Square-Triangle blocks in the border.

For machine quilting, I tried something new and designed my own pantograph.  It’s another small scale, evenly spaced design, but in this case it is bears a loose resemblance to the block design.  It’s hard to get good photos of the quilting, but here goes:

Travertine 2For more info on this pattern, you can see it on my website here.

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