The next new pattern that we will look at is Network:

NetworkThis design uses only 3 fabrics.  To me, that means much less shopping stress!  I chose a neutral background with 2 contrasting colors.  The quilt pulls you in to visually follow the overlapping lines of the design.  It was not an easy design to develop, but I was able to simplify the blocks to make it surprisingly easy to construct.

Some have told me that this would be a good design for the men in our lives.  Or anyone who doesn’t like things too frilly.  Or someone who is drawn to more contemporary, even “modern”, designs.

My pattern tester Dee Dee made it in a monochromatic version that is just beautiful:Network Dee DeeFor the quilting design, once again I chose an all-over pantograph.  This block layout results in a continuous design across the quilt, so an all-over seemed best.  I chose a simple, loopy motif to contrast with the angular piecing:

Network 1

Here is a close-up shot:Network 2It’s hard to get a good picture of the quilting, but here it is from the back:Network 3I hope you find some inspiration in this!  For more info on this pattern, see it on my website here.


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