Binding Hints #1

I’ve been doing lots of sewing and machine quilting lately for new pattern designs, but I can’t show you any of them yet.  In a few weeks, I’ll have patterns ready, and then I can show more pictures.

To finish up the new quilts, I’ve been doing a few bindings.  My binding methods have evolved over the years, and I have a couple of hints to share.

First, after preparing the binding to put on a quilt, I used to keep it under control by putting it in a neat circle like this:

Binding 1I was pretty sure that was the correct way to store your binding before putting it on your quilt.  After doing this about 100 times, it occurred to me that I always struggle with the twisted mess that is created during this process:

Binding 2If you use this method, you know that it is a twisted mess to get the binding into this roll, and a twisted mess to get it off the roll and onto the quilt.  So, I tried something different:

Binding 3And I really liked it!  It’s more of an accordion-style gathering method.  It doesn’t stay together quite as well as the roll, but the binding comes off easier and goes on the quilt without twisting.  If you need to store it for a while, just put it in a Ziploc bag.  You could also leave it in the bag, pulling out what you need, as you sew it on the quilt.  Try it, and see if you like it better too.


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2 Responses to Binding Hints #1

  1. another great tip! Thanks, Susan!

  2. Barbara Firesheets says:

    Thank you for the great tip! I’ll have to try this next time. :o)

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