Machine Quilting Ideas: Waterfalls

The next quilt that I want to show you for Machine Quilting Ideas is Waterfalls:



This is another design that I would consider to be contemporary.  Made out of batiks, using an original block design, there’s not much traditional going on here.  I chose an all-over design for quilting, to add texture but not detract from the graphic design of the blocks.

Here is the design I chose, seen from the back of the quilt.  It is a swirl with a hook on it.  The hook adds some points to the curvy design, and also helps to fill in open spots while quilting, moving from one motif to the next.

Waterfalls 3

I’m doing a version of a motif design that I found in Angela Walters’ book “Free-Motion Quilting“.  It’s a great book with lots of easy to stitch motifs, along with step-by-step instructions.  Although, her execution of this design looks much better than mine!  And I made my motifs large, for two reasons.  First, the larger scale was a good balance to the size of the blocks, and second, it won’t make the quilt too stiff.  Of course, there’s always the reason that it’s much faster!  It would also look great in a smaller scale for filling an open area.

From the front, a medium thread blends in with the colors to provide more focus on the piecing.Waterfalls 2This quilting design offers curves, repetition (the swirl has an echo feature to it), and points/ angles from the hook.  Since it is an all-over design, I can vary the size and direction to fill an open area, and the echos and hooks help me to travel to an adjoining area.  It contributes to the contemporary mood that I wanted for this quilt.  And, it met my requirement of being fast to complete the project.

I hope you like it!

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