Moda Blog Hop

Everyone knows Moda fabrics for their beauty and quality.  Moda just started a Blog Hop to feature many of their talented designers.  You will get to know more about their designers, and admire all of their beautiful fabric designs!

The Blog Hop is called “Spell It With Fabric: Designer Blog Hop”, and it offers many free giveaways.

Spell-It-with-Fabric-BLOGAs you can see in the above picture, they have designed an alphabet quilt, and for the Blog Hop, they are giving away the block patterns for the letters.  They have planned a Blog Hop where each day you can visit the sites of a few of their designers.  Collect the patterns for the letters by visiting the blog posts.  And sign up for a chance to win free fabrics!!

Here’s the exciting part for PSQ: Moda is recommending the Folded Corner Clipper as a tool for making these blocks!  You can see it in their post for today:

Spell It With Fabric Feb 18

Here is a link to their Blog Hop schedule.  Follow it every day for a fun quilt design, and lots of free fabric drawings!


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