The holidays are over, and I wanted to share pictures of two gifts that I made.  For the first one, you have already seen this quilt top, but I finished quilting it:

swirl quilted

I still consider myself to be very new to longarming.  I did a pantograph on this, but it doesn’t show up well in the photo.  I used minkee on the back, and the quilting shows up much better there:

swirl back

The second gift that I made is one that you may not be able to identify:

pillow 1It has a cute button on the back:

pillow 2Give up?  It’s an iPad pillow:

pillow 3It holds your tablet upright for use on a desk, counter, or in your lap.

pillow 4I haven’t heard back yet to know if it gets used much, but it was fun to make.  I followed an online tutorial by Sewn Up by TeresaDownUnder here.

I hope that I can plan ahead for some great handmade gifts for next year!


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