New quilt patterns!

I have 3 new patterns that are now available!

First is Subtle Charm, a great excuse to utilize your fabric stash for a variety of prints.  Cut out 5″ charm squares, and add a sashing fabric.  I chose fabrics from harmonious colors to make the quilt “subtle”, but you can make it more energetic by using a wider variety of colors and contrasting sashing:

Subtle Charm

Subtle Charm

Next are 2 designs that use the Folded Corner Clipper.  If you’re not familiar with this popular tool, please see the categories on the right for photo tutorials.  I’ve heard from so many quilters who consider this a must-have tool!

Waterfalls was done in a monochromatic color scheme, using assorted darks, assorted mediums, and one light fabric, with the Neptune line from Timeless Treasures:



My pattern tester Betty made this in a black/white/red color scheme that is stunning!

Betty's Waterfalls

Betty’s Waterfalls

And finally is Splitrock, using mostly assorted Stonehenge fabrics, with a few others thrown in:



For this quilt, my pattern tester Dee Dee used a striped border that pulls all the fabrics together beautifully!  What a great idea to use a stripe for the border:

Dee Dee's Splitrock

Dee Dee’s Splitrock

I hope you’ve been inspired for a new project!

More information is available on my website.  If your local quilt shop doesn’t carry them, please see the “Retail Purchases” page for information on buying online or via phone from QuiltersWarehouse.

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