New longarm!

I have something new in my quilting life – a longarm machine!

new machine

I’ve been dreaming about one for years, and finally took the plunge.  I decided on an Innova 22″.  I’ve got a lot to learn, and I want to become proficient at it yesterday!  I’m keeping my HQ-16 Sit-down-table machine for now, just in case I’m too slow learning this machine.

I needed to make some practice quilts, so I found these strip set pieces that had been abandoned in my scrap bin:

checkerboard scraps

Each piece has the same multi-color batik on top, and the other squares were assorted fabrics.  So I put them together like this to make some matching 4-patches within the blocks:

checkerboard blocks

This is not intended to win any design awards, but only to use up the scraps for a quick quilt (I’m reminded of why I abandoned this project in the first place).  I still had yardage for the border, so it finished up like this:

checkerboard quilt

Now the challenge was to quilt it on the longarm!  I wasn’t ready for pantographs or ruler work yet, so I did a free-motion design, just like I would do on my sit-down machine:

checkerboard quiltingIt turned out well, but I look forward to improving my skills.  This quilt has been donated as a charity quilt, so I hope it is well-loved by someone special.  Stay tuned for more of my longarm quilting adventures!

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One Response to New longarm!

  1. Betty says:

    You will certainly enjoy your new “toy” … have fun playing!

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