Hand Piecing Project

When I first started quilting, after years of garment sewing, I was very comfortable with my sewing machine.  I was confident that I would never do any hand applique, hand quilting, and certainly never hand piecing!  Since then, hand applique has won me over, but I don’t do it often anymore.  Over the years, I have admired Jinny Beyer and her work, and learned that she hand pieces her quilts.  She believes that she is more productive with hand piecing because she can take it with her wherever she goes.

Last summer, I wanted to have more time with the family for movie nights, and hand piecing seemed like a good way to keep sewing while not in my sewing room.  I chose this book for inspiration: One-Patch Scrap Quilts by Pat Yamin (2007).

Swirl 1

This quilt was particularly interesting, and because of the curved piecing, it was an excellent candidate for hand piecing.

Swirl 2

Since I bought this book several years ago, it looks like the author now offers this shape in an acrylic template.  This is how the one-patch blocks go together.  I’ve sewn two “flower” halves together, then added “leaves”.

Swirl 3

I sewed them into rows, then sewed the rows together.  It took a while, but actually went faster than what I expected.  And it was all done while watching TV or travelling in the car.

Swirl 4

I used a print for the border that was also “fussy cut” to make some of the flower shapes into a kaleidoscope design.  Add some borders, and the top is ready for quilting!

Swirl 5

Time to pick another hand piecing project!

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3 Responses to Hand Piecing Project

  1. Joan says:

    Great quilt!

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