Folded Corner Clipper: Half-Square-Triangles

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The Folded Corner Clipper is a great tool for cutting Half-Square-Triangles.  It’s fast, and it uses fabric efficiently.  Nobody likes to waste fabric!  The classic method calls for cutting your pieces 7/8″ larger than the finished square.  But using the Folded Corner Clipper, your pieces are cut 1/2″ larger than the finished square.  That small difference can really add up to lots of saved fabric on a large project.

Here is the classic method of making Half-Square-Triangles, where you cut pieces 7/8″ larger than finished size:

Blog HST

Here is a tutorial on using the Folded Corner Clipper to make HST’s:











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3 Responses to Folded Corner Clipper: Half-Square-Triangles

  1. I have several specialized rulers but this looks really interesting. I have never made a Snowball pattern and that would be a perfect block to use the ruler on. Love the idea because you are correct, marking can get tedious.

  2. ute0307 says:

    Can I use the ruler to make a 2 inch square finished with 21/2 inch squares? I would only get 1 and not 2 pieces-correct? Thank you very much for creating this awesome tool:)

    • Susan Nelson says:

      You are correct – if you use the FCC to cut triangles from a 2.5″ square, you will only get 1 usable triangle for the desired finished size of 2″. When cutting the triangles from a 2.5″ strip, your first triangle will have both dog-ears cut off, but the remaining triangles that you cut will only have 1 dog-ear cut off. That means that starting with the 2nd cut, each piece will use up 2.875″ of the strip. But you still save fabric, .375″ on each strip, by using this method with the FCC. To cut equal triangles from a square, you would need to start with a 2.875″ square – and if that’s the case, you might be less confused by just using a straight ruler, and then using the FCC to trim the dog-ears.

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