Maple Grove Quilters

In October, I had the opportunity to teach a workshop for the Maple Grove Quilters.  They were interested in trying the TripleExpressO patterns.  Since they are a large group of experienced quilters, they were confident that they could handle the option of two different designs.  They chose Shake, Rattle & Roll and Here, There & Everywhere.

Let me apologize in advance for the blurry pictures.  I’ll get the hang of this soon!

Mary  (center, standing) organized the event for us.  Thanks, Mary!MGQ3

For TripleExpressO, you can design your own 9-patch, but many ended up choosing the same block.  Here is the design wall, showing their diverse fabric choices, with a few blocks completed (HTE on the left, SRR on the right):


These block owners chose not to be identified!


Karen chose patriotic fabric to make a quilt as a special gift.  Notice that she finished a lot before she got to the workshop.  Overachiever!


Wanda chose some fun, colorful fabrics:


I had more photos of the many nice quilters that I met that day, but this is the only one that wasn’t embarrassingly blurry!


My apologies to the many ladies that I missed in my photos.  They were such a nice group, and I hope they enjoyed their day.  I know I did!

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