Folded Corner Clipper: Half-Square-Triangles

Folded Corner Clipper web

The Folded Corner Clipper is a great tool for cutting Half-Square-Triangles.  It’s fast, and it uses fabric efficiently.  Nobody likes to waste fabric!  The classic method calls for cutting your pieces 7/8″ larger than the finished square.  But using the Folded Corner Clipper, your pieces are cut 1/2″ larger than the finished square.  That small difference can really add up to lots of saved fabric on a large project.

Here is the classic method of making Half-Square-Triangles, where you cut pieces 7/8″ larger than finished size:

Blog HST

Here is a tutorial on using the Folded Corner Clipper to make HST’s:











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One Response to Folded Corner Clipper: Half-Square-Triangles

  1. I have several specialized rulers but this looks really interesting. I have never made a Snowball pattern and that would be a perfect block to use the ruler on. Love the idea because you are correct, marking can get tedious.

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